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open access materials science
and nanotechnology

Being at the frontier of modern science and technology, Materials Science and Nanotechnology are one of the fastest-growing and most rapidly evolving scientific disciplines, spanning every facet of 21st-century life.

Today, De Gruyter’s OA collection encompasses 16 peer-reviewed fully open access journals, including highly-ranked Nanophotonics (IF 2018: 6.908), providing authors and readers with comprehensive coverage across Materials Science and Nanotechnology, spanning groundbreaking discoveries to highly specialized research of the widest choice.



Impact Factor 2018: 6.908 

Belongs to the top journals in the field. Nanophotonics focuses on the interaction of photons with nano-structures, such as carbon nano-tubes, nano metal particles, nano crystals, semiconductor nano dots, photonic crystals, tissue and DNA.

Editor’s choice:


Intelligent nanophotonics: merging photonics and artificial intelligence at the nanoscale
Kan Yao et al.


Light-emitting metasurfaces
Aleksandr Vaskin et al.


Active topological photonics
Yasutomo Ota et al.