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APA Pacific collection

The 2020 APA Pacific Divison Meeting may have been canceled, but we still want you to experience our new releases and recent highlights.That's why we've curated this special collection of ebooks, book chapters and journal articles. All titles are free to download and share until June 30, 2020.




  • Cover  Realism and Antirealism in Kant's Moral Philosophy

    Realism and Antirealism in Kant's Moral Philosophy

  • Cover German Idealism Today

    German Idealism Today

  • Cover Towards a Theory of Epistemically Significant Perception

    Towards a Theory of Epistemically Significant Perception

  • Cover Cosmopolitan Responsibility

    Cosmopolitan Responsibility

  • Cover Nietzsche, Religion, and Mood

    Nietzsche, Religion, and Mood

  • Cover Kant on Love

    Kant on Love

  • Cover Agents’ Abilities

    Agents’ Abilities




Our Limited Knowledge of Fact
Nicholas Rescher in The Realm of Facts (2020)

On Existence, Reality, and Facts
Nicholas Rescher in The Realm of Facts (2020)

Essays on Reasoning
Charles S. Peirce in History and Applications (2019)

Achenwall, Kant, and the Division of Governmental Powers
Paul Guyer in Kants Naturrecht Feyerabend (2019)

Characteristics of group activity
Herman Witzel in A Pragmatic Approach to Agency in Group Activity (2019)

Bias-Driven Attention, Cognitive Penetration and Epistemic Downgrading
Berit “Brit” Brogaard in The Philosophy of Perception (2019)

Thinking Failure in the War in Iraq: The Cultural Turn and the Concept of “World”
Jon Askonas and Katherine Withy in Why Philosophy? (2019)

The aftermath: The Cartesian heritage in ’s Gravesande’s foundation of Newtonian physics
Andrea Strazzoni in Dutch Cartesianism and the Birth of Philosophy of Science (2018)

Laws of Nature
Florian Fischer in Natural Laws as Dispositions (2018)

Nietzsche on the Superficiality of Consciousness
Mattia Riccardi in Nietzsche on Consciousness and the Embodied Mind (2018)

Gödel, Searle, and the Computational Theory of the (Other) Mind
Marco Buzzoni in From Arithmetic to Metaphysics (2018)

Responsibility and Justice: Beyond Moral Egalitarianism and Rational Consensus
Maria Dimitrova in New Perspectives on Distributive Justice (2018)

The Unsuccessful Marriage
Lena Kästner in Philosophy of Cognitive Neuroscience (2017)

Aristotle and Crossing the Boundaries between the Sciences
Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie | Volume 101: Issue 2
Lindsay Judson
Published online: 01 Jul 2019

Disengagement in the Digital Age: A Virtue Ethical Approach to Epistemic Sorting on Social Media
Moral Philosophy and Politics | Volume 6: Issue 2
Kirsten J. Worden
Published online: 07 Nov 2019

Defeating Fake News; On Journalism, Knowledge, and Democracy
Moral Philosophy and Politics | Ahead of Publication
Brian Ball
Published online: 18 Jan 2020 


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