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Welcome to our Mensch & Computer 2020 virtual booth. Although we are not going to meet in person this time, we still want to take this opportunity to share new releases and recent highlights with you. Some of the books below are available at a 20% discount until October 15th. Simply place your order through our conference order form.

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Leonardo Milla
Acquisitions Editor, Technology

Beata Socha
Managing Editor, Open Computer Science


Call for Papers for Special Issue on AI-Enhanced Human Learning – The Future of AI in Education  in Open Education Studies (ISSN: 2544-7831)

Call for paper (PDF)


*Offer expires on October 15, 2020. Shipping is free. Conference discount is not available to residents of Germany and Austria for German language titles. Discount is not available for journals. Most titles are also available as an eBook (EPUB, PDF) and bundle.

You can order them with 20% conference discount and free shipping through the button below!



  • Humans and Computer

  • Technology

  • Computer Sciences

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion
    34.95 EUR

  • Software-Ergonomie
    49.95 EUR

  • Communication in Vehicles
    49.95 EUR 39.96 EUR

  • Digitale Kommunikation
    39.95 EUR

  • Mediendidaktik
    49.95 EUR

  • Prozessführungssysteme
    54.95 EUR

  • E-Learning 4.0
    69.95 EUR

  • Personalized Human-Computer Interaction
    69.95 EUR 55.96 EUR

  • IT für soziale Inklusion
    79.95 EUR

  • Cultural Differences in Human-Computer Interaction
    74.95 EUR 59.96 EUR

  • Einführung in die Medieninformatik
    34.80 EUR

  • Biosignalverarbeitung
    49.95 EUR

  • 5G
    49.95 EUR

  • Informatik, Vol 1
    39.95 EUR

  • Informatik, Vol 2
    49.95 EUR

  • Informatik, Vol 3
    39.95 EUR

  • IT-Sicherheit
    69.95 EUR

  • Moderne App-Entwicklung mit Dart und Flutter
    29.95 EUR

  • Mathematical Foundations of Data Science Using R
    49.95 EUR 39.96 EUR

  • Security Awareness
    44.95 EUR

  • Web Applications with Javascript or Java
    49.95 EUR 39.96 EUR

  • Analog and Hybrid Computer Programming
    39.95 EUR 31.96 EUR

  • Meilensteine der Rechentechnik, Vol 1
    129.95 EUR

  • Meilensteine der Rechentechnik, Vol 2
    129.95 EUR

  • Maschinelles Lernen
    69.95 EUR

  • Datenbank-Tuning
    129.95 EUR

  • Machine Learning and Visual Perception
    49.95 EUR 39.96 EUR

  • De Gruyter Frontiers in Computational Intelligence - SERIES

  • Soft Computing
    109.95 EUR 87.96 EUR

  • Computational Intelligence
    39.95 EUR

  • Big Data Analysen
    49.95 EUR

  • Computational Intelligence for Machine Learning and Healthcare Informatics
    109.95 EUR 87.96 EUR

JOURNALS (No discount)



IT - Information Technology


Journal of Intelligent Systems
Open Access

Paladyn, Journal of Behavioral Robotics
Open Access

Volume 9 (2018): Issue 1 (Feb 2018)
Open Access

Volume 10 (2019): Issue 1 (Jan 2019)
Open Access

Volume 11 (2020): Issue 1 (Jan 2020)
Open Access

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