De Gruyter and IUPAC

De Gruyter is proud to partner with IUPAC, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, to produce their flagship journal Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC), as well as the IUPAC Newsmagazine, Chemistry International (CI).


  • Pure and Applied Chemistry

  • Chemistry International

  • Chemistry Teacher International

  • IUPAC Standards Online

Provisional Recommendations

Before they can be published in Pure and Applied Chemistry, all IUPAC Recommendations must first undergo an extensive public review and commentary period. Provisional Recommendations open to public review can be found here.
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Pure and Applied Chemistry


Read and share the selection of 60 seminal papers published in PAC over the past 60 years.

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Pure and Applied Chemistry is the official monthly Journal of IUPAC, with responsibility for publishing works arising from the international scientific events and projects. IUPAC’s Technical Reports and Recommendations published Open Access are part of the journal.


IUPAC Standards Online

IUPAC Standards Online is a database built from IUPAC’s standards and recommendations, which are extracted from the journal Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC). The database is the only product which provides quick and easy search and retrieval of these standards and recommendations.

Free access in 2021

Secure your free access to IUPAC Standards Online database until 31 December 2021. Simply go to LOG IN and enter the passcode IUPACDB2021 in the "Do you have a passcode?" window. You will then have free access to all articles for the time of your visit (this process must be repeated the next time you access).


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